Gray Matter

Medical endeavors, in various stages of completion, that you may be interested in

Part One

An (incomplete, but substantial), free, open access medical education resource and reference for trainees preparing for the CICM and ANZCA Primary Exams.

  • Part One is:
    • Designed to cover the assessed sections of the CICM and ANZCA curricula in enough detail to pass
    • A rough guide for the expected depth of knowledge required on a topic
    • A tool to correct your written answers
    • A source of information you might find difficult to find elsewhere
  • Part One is not:
    • A textbook
    • The definitive guide to the primary exam
    • A complete reference
      There will be both omissions and errors. If you find any, please let me know.

It’s now part of Life in the Fast Lane, and you should check it out.